Thursday, January 19, 2012

Season 2, Episode 12: Scottish Highlands Peril

The Finale of MAN WOMAN WILD - final show!

Mykel: Goovier hat; Armani scarf and vest; BKE coat; Eagle innercoat; Colombia raincoat; 782 Tactical shirt; U.S. Army Nomex gloves; North Face outergloves and rain pants; Kenneth Cole belt; Eddie Bauer underwear and socks; Paladium boots; Highlander gators.

Other: Army canteen, case, and cup; Rothco poncho, hammock, paracord, first aid kit, and fishing line; North Face pack; Sony camera.

Knives: Folder - ULU by Blade Tech; Fixed - Parang by Fox Knives USA.


  1. Your shows are always #1! Small note, when you had the gear bag during the Scotland show and pulled out Ruth's knife; shouldn't that have been with her? What if you HAD taken a tumble into the abyss - where would that leave her? I guess it would be best for each person to have their own minimum pack. What say you all?

  2. i think you are over thinking it, why would we always be getting lost, and not having a lighter?
    we create scenarios so we can teach folks.