Friday, July 27, 2012

A Message for Ruth

I just wanted to ask you if you'd pass a message on to Ruth for me. She's my hero. So many survival shows are all men, and I know from watching every episode of MWW that it took a lot of courage and tenacity for her to do the show. It was such a joy to watch her grow stronger and more self-confident in every episode (I'm sure you saw it also). She's so intelligent AND a total knock-out, which just made her the absolute perfect ambassador for our gender. I know many women, myself included, are so proud of her and grateful to her for proving that women can be sexy and strong and smart all at the same time. I loved that she was always wearing some pretty little delicate earrings while trudging through some of the harshest conditions - she's amazing. An ideal role model for women and girls of all ages. She should know that, if she doesn't already.

Thanks, Lynsee

NOTE: For the record, every episode she wore ear rings specifically chosen to double as emergency fish hooks, haha!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Tidings from India

As MAN WOMAN WILD continues to air abroad, we are amazed and thankful for the support we get from around the globe. Sharing a nice note we received from fans in India...

My wife and I are Christian Evangelical Pastors working amid Primitive Hill Tribes in India. During our work, we often face risky survival situations. We would like to send big thanks to you and your wife, Ruth, for being our guides. We are learning many survival techniques form you. We love you and send out prayers for you and your family!

With Blessings,
Pastor Johnson and wife Hilda, Truevine Ministries

Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Inspirational Life Change

Mr. Hawke, I just wanted to say thanks to you and Ruth for being such an inspiration to me. I had a traumatic and abusive childhood. I could not cope with the memories as I got older, so I began abusing pain medication. I was addicted for several years. One night I happened to see Man Woman Wild on TV. I was so impressed by the confident way you two carried yourselves. I made sure I had the show programmed so I could watch future episodes. You and Ruth are such positive people and I began to want to have that kind of positive and confident life. I cleaned my life up. I detoxed off the drugs and have been clean for two years now. I am currently going to college and will graduate in December with my Bachelor's degree in substance abuse counseling. I feel that I owe you two all of my gratitude. I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart and will forever be grateful to you for showing me that life can be a rewarding experience.


NOTE FROM HAWKE: We asked Angela if we could share her wonderful story, as we always respect the privacy of those who share with us, and received this lovely response:

If sharing my story will help others, I am happy to do so. Thanks again for all that you do. I will always be thankful for the night I came across your show. It honestly saved my life. God bless both of you and your family.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We love Our Young Fans!

Sharing a note from the parents of one of our young fans:

Greetings from Tennessee!  Our son, Brock, is so excited about meeting you this upcoming Saturday at Smoky Mountain Knife Works. You have given him opportunities to explore and learn so much at 7 years old.  He truly looks up to you and speaks of you and the show frequently.  He can't wait to meet you!