Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Inspirational Life Change

Mr. Hawke, I just wanted to say thanks to you and Ruth for being such an inspiration to me. I had a traumatic and abusive childhood. I could not cope with the memories as I got older, so I began abusing pain medication. I was addicted for several years. One night I happened to see Man Woman Wild on TV. I was so impressed by the confident way you two carried yourselves. I made sure I had the show programmed so I could watch future episodes. You and Ruth are such positive people and I began to want to have that kind of positive and confident life. I cleaned my life up. I detoxed off the drugs and have been clean for two years now. I am currently going to college and will graduate in December with my Bachelor's degree in substance abuse counseling. I feel that I owe you two all of my gratitude. I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart and will forever be grateful to you for showing me that life can be a rewarding experience.


NOTE FROM HAWKE: We asked Angela if we could share her wonderful story, as we always respect the privacy of those who share with us, and received this lovely response:

If sharing my story will help others, I am happy to do so. Thanks again for all that you do. I will always be thankful for the night I came across your show. It honestly saved my life. God bless both of you and your family.

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