Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Viewer Shares a Survival Situation

Thought we'd share this e-mail from a viewer...thanks, Adam!

I'm going to get straight to the point and just say thank you. My fiancé and I are currently on a one year trip through New Zealand, and we ran into a bit of trouble around week three. The two of us were working on crossing a mountain ridge in the north island on a beautiful sunny day until the weather, as I guess it does on mountains and islands, turned really nasty really fast. The sun gave way to clouds, then a drizzle, then one of the worst hail storms I have ever been caught in. We were too far away from camp to make it back down without getting battered, and it became clear that we needed another option. We headed to a nearby tree-line but the cover was insufficient and even though the weather seemed to change in a minute it didn't seem like a good idea to wait for a nice spot, so we began to build a simple lean-to. A couple of smaller poles rested against a tree and some pine boughs later, we found ourselves out of the painful blasting from the hail. Although watching your show provided the knowledge for the lean-to, it was certain messages of yours that proved even more invaluable. Although it was not the worst situation imaginable, the constant reminders of staying cool under pressure, pushing forward, and carrying on in any situation kept entering my mind. The funny part was that as we were running for cover my fiancé, Beth, was the first to point out the comparison to your show. So thanks to Ruth as well. I had to make Beth watch the show the first time, but after that she was hooked by your interactions with each other and ability to work together to survive the wild. Well, thanks again and hopefully we don't run into any more trouble but if we do, we will have properly stocked packs and be well prepared for the worst. Great show, great books, take care.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Response and Rebuttal

A reply to a person of poor character selling falsehoods to promote her own business...

And a rebuttal to a media outlet who supports shoddy reporting to the public.

Hello to all the supporters of our show and of us as a couple.

There has recently been a very wrongful attack on us by a Nancy F. who works for a Divorce Counseling company and posted a blog on a well know site saying that we were divorcing on National TV.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about reporters and false claims, since the press is about the only professional entity that is not held accountable for their reports.

But Nancy F. came and posted on our FB site, and as such, a violation of justice in our own space does not go unaddressed. I wrote her personally and politely and asked her to remove her post. She ignored me, but posted more negative and false statements on our site. I wrote her again and asked her why she would do that. Again, she ignored me but then took an excerpt of my note and posted it without my permission.

So, I wrote a response to her blog, again courteous and professional, but she refused to allow it. How’s that for freedom of speech? Anyway, I wrote the entity that sponsors her, the H.P., and asked them to allow me to post a rebuttal. They let me submit one, but when it did not display enough gossip fodder, they denied it, but offered to let me be a contributor in the future, to which I declined.

The H.P. web site not mentioned so as to not generate more traffic for them and indirectly benefit their endeavors. But I would only say that in my opinion, that is as trashy a media outlet as there is and I would be ashamed to go there for any of my information sources.
Likewise, Nancy. F. is not named fully so as to not give her the benefit of more web traffic. But I would suggest that her actions speak shamefully of her personal and professional conduct. Anyone who says they offer divorce counseling for pay, but would use fear mongering and lies as a tactic to generate business, would be very unlikely to exercise a different moral compass and employ fair scruples to how they render their services to those couples in trouble.
Nancy stated that we are divorcing, but she based that on a one minute piece of video from our show, when she had no clue what we had done or been through and how the show was made. She also stated that we missed the point of her article. The point of her article was to scare folks into her business, we got that very well. She failed to get the point of our show- that folks can face hardships together, have problems, work them out, and come out stronger as a result. Our show is about love and positive role models.

For the record, Ruth and I have been together 7 years, we have a 5 year old son, we have been going through these survival situations for 2 solid years and no, we’re not getting divorced. All this was shared with Nancy F. and the H.P. but they refused to acknowledge these truths. So, my purpose here is to simply share the facts from our side, and give my humble opinion that the H.P. is not a trustworthy or reliable source of information and that anyone seeking marriage/divorce counseling should run far away from Nancy F. for concern she may be as inaccurate with you as she was us, and that she may be as dishonest in trying to separate you from your money as she was with using us as a ploy to lure you in at our expense. So, this is simply the classic fair warning like the old adage, “Let the Buyer Beware!” when it comes to Nancy F. and the H.P. But in true Special Forces style, I will let you, the reader, decide.

That’s all I have to say about that. Thanks for your time, your support and your consideration on these people. Happy Holidays!