Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thank You from a Family

I wanted to take a moment and thank you, sir, for your valor and service for this great country. I admit to a "slight" addiction to survivalist shows and post-apocalyptic movies and books. It's an addiction my hubby thankfully shares . We recently discovered your Man Woman Wild on Netflix and LOVED IT. Not only was it informative and entertaining, but hilarious as well. How you survived all that time without a major melt-down from your wife is amazing. The two of you inspired my husband and I to continue to learn and to teach our beautiful children about safety in the great outdoors. Which is another reason I adored your show .... my kids 8,6,4, and 2, also enjoyed watching it (there were a lot of groans from my girls and thrilled shrieks from my boy.) My son Hunter, 8, is looking forward to the year he can head into the great outdoors with my hubby and bring home some venison. Your Hawke knives are already on his Xmas list (we've explained he's way too young; he is unamused.) Thanks again from my family to you, for your military service and your continued service in survival training and veteran affairs. Gods bless!