Sunday, March 25, 2012

From the Popular Mechanics Show

Sharing a note received after the show yesterday:

Thank you for the time you took in being part of the PM roadshow on March 24th. My wife, my four little girls, and I really looked forward to meeting you in person after watching you on your programs for so long.

As a police officer for the past 11 years and after serving in the military, it is great to know someone like yourself who has transitioned back to the civilian world and still offers so much training to the military, LE, and the civilian sector.

I can't begin to explain how inspiring your story from childhood to present is for me. Truly profound.

It was an honor to meet such a true patriot and to view the presentation you provided. It was like meeting a childhood hero even though I am 41; for my oldest two girls, it really made for a surreal experience. They wanted to watch your season 2 shows as soon as we returned home.

We look forward to watching your future shows as a family and we hope you enjoyed Arkansas.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two Notes from Fans

Reminder: We share e-mailed comments when permission from the sender is given; no last names are posted to protect their privacy. Please note that content is edited for clarity and brevity.

John writes:

My Daughter and I love your shows. You have brought us closer together as we are starting to work on our own survival skills. It's been a lot of fun, and we both have built our own survival packs. We have learned about every way there is to start a fire. Thank you for teaching us. And thank you for giving me something that I can do with my daughter. It has really brought us closer together.

Stephanie writes:

I just wanted to say how much I have loved your show on the Discovery channel. It's such a great educational show! I am the typical "girly" female; before watching your show, if I had ever been stranded out in the wilderness, I would probably have been the first one to die. I really relate with Ruth, what she does and how she reacts. I would probably freak out about spiders and snakes, or cry if I had to kill a turtle, too! (I was so happy you didn't kill the turtle...Thanks, Mykel!) I love how you teach us something new on each show, such as how to start a fire with steel wool and a battery. I think it's fantastic that your wife is such a great role model for young women. So many survival movies or shows you see today portray the woman as weak. Sure, men are typically stronger and have tougher bodies, but it's great to see Ruth doing things like hunting that our society often portrays as a male-specific task. Mykel, your support of Ruth while teaching these things makes it clear that you two must have a very trustful relationship.

Your shows have taught me so much, but also encouraged me to learn survival skills to protect myself. Thank you for everything, and I hope to see more of you guys on television!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

From a Fan: Survival at Home

I love survival shows, and Man Woman Wild gave me inspiration, knowledge, and also made me and my wife laugh because the situations you're sometimes in are so recognizable to us.

You have a great sense of humor and are a breath of fresh air in this over commercialized world. You remind me of a friend of mine who, just as you did in your show, taught me to see things from a different perspective. After a tour in Kosovo he suffered from PTSD; he was able to overcome it and now serves as a firearms specialist in the Dutch army teaching Special Forces and security personnel all over the world. We often talked about survival shows and he told me that guys in the army are trained to withstand any environment. But for someone who is severely ill and has to battle that illness every day, that's a different kind of survival and you can't get training for that.

When I was 29 years old, I had surgery on my left shoulder. What should have been a simple medical procedure changed my life for good; I wound up with a dystrophy syndrome (an illness that causes nerves, blood cells, and muscles to be extremely sensitive for touch, stress, temperature changes or even sound, the pain is unbearable). I was prescribed almost every painkiller in the book, and due to the long term usage of these painkillers (over 6 years) I've become addicted. Even one day without them results in severe withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes I wonder what is worse; the illnesses or the medication.

So, this is my survival situation--like you would say, a static survival situation because there's no boat, car, or helicopter to signal that would come to my rescue. First thing I learned was keeping faith; I pray for strength. Ruth quoted Winston Churchill in one of the episode: "If you're going through hell, keep going." This is true, no matter how bad the situation looks, at a certain point things WILL change.

To keep busy, I started composing music and I also collect knives; the Hawke's Hellion is a good example of an inspiring knife. There are quite a few people out there who love my music and that gives me the energy to go on, even dream of releasing an album, so I have a goal which is a key point for survival.

You and Ruth have shown me so much of the basic life survival skills that although my situation sometimes looks dark and helpless, there is a way to deal with it. As a couple, you have shown that no matter how bad a situation gets, you come out stronger--which is also true with me and my wife.

I want to thank you both for your inspiring and motivating show, which makes us laugh as well, because humor is sometimes better than any medicine!

God bless you,