Sunday, March 25, 2012

From the Popular Mechanics Show

Sharing a note received after the show yesterday:

Thank you for the time you took in being part of the PM roadshow on March 24th. My wife, my four little girls, and I really looked forward to meeting you in person after watching you on your programs for so long.

As a police officer for the past 11 years and after serving in the military, it is great to know someone like yourself who has transitioned back to the civilian world and still offers so much training to the military, LE, and the civilian sector.

I can't begin to explain how inspiring your story from childhood to present is for me. Truly profound.

It was an honor to meet such a true patriot and to view the presentation you provided. It was like meeting a childhood hero even though I am 41; for my oldest two girls, it really made for a surreal experience. They wanted to watch your season 2 shows as soon as we returned home.

We look forward to watching your future shows as a family and we hope you enjoyed Arkansas.



  1. I just saw you posted some pictures from the show. Very awesome to post a fan page, and it was truly honoring to see you as humble as you are in real life. I was amazed at how many times you got up out of your chair to take a photo with the fans. Every single fan. I've met a lot of stars in my line of work, but all were super high maintenance. Very down-to-earth. God Bless!--Logan

  2. why thank you! i try to treat each person properly like we should!