Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two Notes from Fans

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John writes:

My Daughter and I love your shows. You have brought us closer together as we are starting to work on our own survival skills. It's been a lot of fun, and we both have built our own survival packs. We have learned about every way there is to start a fire. Thank you for teaching us. And thank you for giving me something that I can do with my daughter. It has really brought us closer together.

Stephanie writes:

I just wanted to say how much I have loved your show on the Discovery channel. It's such a great educational show! I am the typical "girly" female; before watching your show, if I had ever been stranded out in the wilderness, I would probably have been the first one to die. I really relate with Ruth, what she does and how she reacts. I would probably freak out about spiders and snakes, or cry if I had to kill a turtle, too! (I was so happy you didn't kill the turtle...Thanks, Mykel!) I love how you teach us something new on each show, such as how to start a fire with steel wool and a battery. I think it's fantastic that your wife is such a great role model for young women. So many survival movies or shows you see today portray the woman as weak. Sure, men are typically stronger and have tougher bodies, but it's great to see Ruth doing things like hunting that our society often portrays as a male-specific task. Mykel, your support of Ruth while teaching these things makes it clear that you two must have a very trustful relationship.

Your shows have taught me so much, but also encouraged me to learn survival skills to protect myself. Thank you for everything, and I hope to see more of you guys on television!


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  3. Thanks for the great show 'Ol Bud, It's full of great information. I've been into "BushCraft" since I was a kid with my father teaching me. Now I have Identical twin boys (age 8) that love the outdoors & I'm teaching them the way my father taught me. They love to watch your shows !
    Thanks & God Bless
    Thomas Mullins

  4. Watching your show is exciting and fills me with inspiration. I have learned so much about how to survive in remote regions or just about anywhere in the event I am ever in a bad situation. I even take notes on your show. Now, whenever I do go on a trip, I always pack smarter, making sure I take some extra essentials including a "Bic" lighter!!!

  5. We discovered your show while at the hospital with our son, on cable. I wanted to tell you how much my hubby and I and the kids just love your show. It is so entertaining, informative and we love to watch the way you and your wife interact. Your tough, protective but loving example toward your wife is a great example to young people. As Christians, we believe you set an example of what God intended for couples in their behavior together. We never tire of Ruth's excited english exclamations over those amazing things you show her and everything she encounters. (tell her I am totally with her on not drinking your pee) :) I love that the show is clean, yet you add those sweet 'but cheek' moments that reminds me of myself and my man. I hope you can keep the show going for many, many more seasons...
    Blessing abound upon you both,
    Tonya and family.

  6. thanks, y'all, sorry for not responding sooner,still learning all this stuff an not alot of time these days, but we truly appreciate your support! all the best!