Thursday, January 19, 2012

Season 2, Episode 12: Scottish Highlands Peril

The Finale of MAN WOMAN WILD - final show!

Mykel: Goovier hat; Armani scarf and vest; BKE coat; Eagle innercoat; Colombia raincoat; 782 Tactical shirt; U.S. Army Nomex gloves; North Face outergloves and rain pants; Kenneth Cole belt; Eddie Bauer underwear and socks; Paladium boots; Highlander gators.

Other: Army canteen, case, and cup; Rothco poncho, hammock, paracord, first aid kit, and fishing line; North Face pack; Sony camera.

Knives: Folder - ULU by Blade Tech; Fixed - Parang by Fox Knives USA.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Survival Story from a Fan

My boyfriend and I were rescued from a survival situation today when a simple little kayaking trip went very wrong. We almost died but as soon as my yak flipped I heard you saying "survival is mostly psychological." Because of your show we were able to keep our heads and keep ourselves alive long enough to get rescued.

There were a number of parallels between what we experienced and what I've seen on your show. We were separated at first and I also remembered you saying in one episode that when you're surviving with someone else the most important thing is to stick together, so that was priority number one. Once we were together my boyfriend was spazzing. He even wanted to take his life jacket off while we were 10-15 feet apart because we had hoodied on under the jackets, and once they got wet they were weighing us down but I kept screaming don't take your vest off! I kept telling him to keep swimming because I remembered you saying that if you have a boat keep with it at all costs because it's a lifeline. I had my yak but I was too cold and numb to get back on it so I was clinging to it. My boyfriend didn't have his yak so I kept screaming for him to keep swimming toward me. He said "I can't," and I heard Ruth in my head saying "When you're in a survival situation you can't ever give up," so I just kept screaming to him "Don't give up, don't give up!" After 30 minutes of swimming together, we managed to get to a rock sticking up out of the water and I remembered when you were on the Colorado River as soon as you both got out of the water you stripped off your wet clothing, so as soon as we were out of the water I told him to get his hoodie and shirt off and I took mine off also. My legs were dark purple by then, so I started trying to rub and shake them to get them warm. As boats passed us I remembered you saying in a different episode that waving both arms over your head is the universal signal for "I need help," so I broke my paddle down into two pieces and started to wave them both over my head like I've seen you both do. I even bought red kayaks last year because on one of your shows you said red is a color that doesn't often occur in nature and is the ideal color for signaling. We were able to see my boyfriend's overturned red yak over a mile away so after we were rescued, the boat that rescued us was even able to pick up all of our gear for us. We didn't end up needing it, but we also had something else that I've heard you say a million times ... a Zippo lighter in a sealed dry box (and a small first aid kit, both clipped to my kayak with carabiners so we didn't lose either when my yak flipped).

No less than three boats passed us while we were in the water and two or three more once we were on the rock ... probably because they couldn't see or hear us with the wind and the sounds of their own boat engines. So I can attest to when Ruth said it can be so disappointing to see someone that could help you but know that they don't see you and have to watch them pass right by. And just as the guy who saw your wrecked inflatable kayak on the Colorado and knew that there might be someone stranded up river, the boat that rescued us found my boyfriend's paddle and our lunch cooler floating in the water and realized that there was probably someone stranded somewhere so they started looking for us.

You were both with me there, in my head, telling me what to do through each step of the situation. Things could have gone very differently yesterday were I not such an avid fan of your show.

We both wanted to thank you and Ruth from the bottoms of our hearts. Seriously, I can't put my gratitude in words. You're both heroes in many ways and you can add one more way today. Thank you from both of us.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

A MWW Fan Weighs In

We've received an abundance of positive correspondence from all of you, supporting our recent decision re: Man, Woman, Wild. We wanted to share one of them and also to say thanks again for watching the show and supporting us throughout.

I just wanted to say that I love Man Woman Wild. While I am certainly sad to see it go off of the air, I wanted to let you know that I think you made the right decision. Family has to come first. I have two young kids, and I can only imagine how hard it must have been on your family. Also, I read your big green book this year. When I first picked it up I thought it would be similar to a lot of the other survival books out there. I was wrong! Too many of the survival books I have read just restate the same information from old military survival manuals, and I have seen my share of those. My Dad is a retired Army LTC. I told my wife “This guy really knows his stuff!” I’m a Firefighter/EMT on the side, so I really appreciated the amount of medical content.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Season 2, Episode 11: Croatian Cave Odyssey

Mykel: Express hat; Armani scarf, shirt, t-shirt, pants, and underwear; BKE coat; US Army Nomex gloves; Kenneth Cole belt; Eddie Bauer socks; Paladium boots.

Other: Army canteen, case, and cup; Special Forces ZIPPO; North Face pack; Sony camera.

Ruth: Hobbs pants; Style & Co. jacket.

Knives: Folder - Special Mykel Hawke designed folding knife with flip out locking safety handles (pat.pen.) made by Mike Vellekamp, FOX Knives USA;Fixed - Hawke designed Hellion ELITE, made by TOPS Knives USA.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Note from a Fan, "For the Ladies"

On behalf of my Bride and me, I would like to thank you and your Bride for your television show. Not only is it highly informative and immensely entertaining, but it also is inspirational for Tamara, my Bride. She was a city girl who married a bush rat and has been learning survival, bushcraft and living in the field "on the fly," but without the encouragement of fellow ladies who can demonstrate that it can be done.

Here is where your joint endeavour "Man, Woman, Wild" comes in. I can't count how many times Tammy has said, "they're just like us!" or "If Ruth can do that, so can I!"

Of course you understand how proud that makes me! My Tammy has the brains and the ability, and I provide as much encouragement as I can, but Ruth's participation and success in overcoming her fears (which aren't staged) is a shining example for all those ladies out there who wonder "if they can."

We don't have cable, so we haven't been able to enjoy much of the new 2nd season of "Man, Woman, Wild" but I look forward to seeing it on DVD when it is released.

Mykel and Ruth, well done...and Mykel, thank you for your service to your Country!

Kurt & Tamara

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Season 2, Episode 10: Newts and Roots

CLOTHING: (MYKEL) Captain hat; Gargoyles sunglasses; crevat; Armani shirt and T;Eddie Bauer belt, pants, and socks; Paladium boots; Colombia rain coat; AE hoodie; Nomex gloves.

OTHER: Tops hawk and Ron Hood Atax blades.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An Inspirational Note from a Fan

We received the following inspiring note (edited in part) and wanted to share:

I wanted you both to know that you have been an inspiration recently in my life. I was diagnosed as a child with bi-polar, and it stunted the beginning of what I had hoped to be a military career. But after watching you and your wife on the show I am re-motivated to get a psych evaluation and try to go into the army once again...the compassion and understanding you show on the program when talking with your wife, and in other situations, only strengthened my conviction in wanting to educate others in survival and safety techniques and first aid....again, you two are truly an inspiration to me please keep up the good work.