Thursday, January 5, 2012

Season 2, Episode 10: Newts and Roots

CLOTHING: (MYKEL) Captain hat; Gargoyles sunglasses; crevat; Armani shirt and T;Eddie Bauer belt, pants, and socks; Paladium boots; Colombia rain coat; AE hoodie; Nomex gloves.

OTHER: Tops hawk and Ron Hood Atax blades.


  1. I really enjoyed "Newts and Roots". It was nice seeing Mykel explaining tasks, skills and their reasoning more. Nothing against Ruth, who is a marvelous presenter, but hearing Mykel explain was like listening to my old Army instructors and easier to absorb.

    Only semi-negative was that Mykel told the Gideon story and then later when he boiled with rocks, he dove face first into the water. But I still think that MWW is among the best of survival shows, if not the best. Looking forward to your future projects.

  2. What Armani shirt was that on Mykel specifically? Looked like a good dual use shirt (city and woods.) I looked like hell but couldn't Identify it. Thanks for your efforts!