Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Note from a Fan, "For the Ladies"

On behalf of my Bride and me, I would like to thank you and your Bride for your television show. Not only is it highly informative and immensely entertaining, but it also is inspirational for Tamara, my Bride. She was a city girl who married a bush rat and has been learning survival, bushcraft and living in the field "on the fly," but without the encouragement of fellow ladies who can demonstrate that it can be done.

Here is where your joint endeavour "Man, Woman, Wild" comes in. I can't count how many times Tammy has said, "they're just like us!" or "If Ruth can do that, so can I!"

Of course you understand how proud that makes me! My Tammy has the brains and the ability, and I provide as much encouragement as I can, but Ruth's participation and success in overcoming her fears (which aren't staged) is a shining example for all those ladies out there who wonder "if they can."

We don't have cable, so we haven't been able to enjoy much of the new 2nd season of "Man, Woman, Wild" but I look forward to seeing it on DVD when it is released.

Mykel and Ruth, well done...and Mykel, thank you for your service to your Country!

Kurt & Tamara

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