Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Guerrilla Course

We're very excited about our new GUERRILLA COURSE.

The Guerrilla Course integrates obstacles like those in Ranger, Seal, and Special Forces Schools combined with Hollywood versions found on shows like American Ninja Warriors.

Special Forces

What's NEW is that we're combining LIVE FIRE shooting with a spectrum of weapons, from pistols, rifles, shotguns, automatic and sniper weapons. No other adventures races out there do that.

The idea was inspired by Mykel working as a competition designer and judge for the International Warrior Competition in Jordan, where all the world's best Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations teams compete in a similar manner.

See these links for more on that:

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Mykel as Designer/Judge (1)
Mykel as Designer/Judge (2)

And what's DIFFERENT is the fact that these will include PRIMITIVE WEAPONS, too. Folks will get to throw knives, hatchets, and spears as well as use sling shots, blow darts, and bows.

What makes the Guerrilla Course UNIQUE is that we'll have levels that start for FAMILIES, ATHLETES, MILITARY, and SPECIAL OPS tiers.

WHY is it called The GUERRILLA Course?

First off, U.S. Army Special Forces, Mykel's background, is the only force in the world that is designated by doctrine to be an UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE Unit, which is often interchanged with GUERRILLA WARFARE.

See Special Forces Mission UW

Watch the film "12 STRONG," how U.S. Army Green Berets were the best tool for the task after the 9/11 attacks to ride into Afghanistan on horses, link up with local warlords, and overthrow the Taliban with very little resources.

This term literally means little war, and was used by traditional, conventional forces to describe irregular warfare, including skirmishes, resistance and partisan forces. In short, Guerrilla is synonymous with FREEDOM FIGHTER.

And that's what this course is all about--small teams, doing whatever it takes to fight and win. They must run, swim, ruck, climb, shoot every kind of weapon and master every kind of tool in order to overcome and prevail, and they must do so, together, united they stand...

The OBJECTIVE of the Guerrilla Course is to get folks into fighting fitness mind and body and to improve their full spectrum of fighting skills, hopefully introducing new tools to many and getting folks to learn new ways to work together and overcome any challenges they face.

The INTENT of the Guerrilla Course is to not only let folks have fun and do new things, but hopefully to instill a sense of pride in themselves and their country as we are a nation of Freedom Fighters.

Our roots as Pioneers led to us being Partisans during the French and Indian Wars, and to Resistance Fighting Colonials against the tyranny of the British, and finally to full-fledged Freedom Fighters in WWII and 9/11. In short, the intent is to instill pride, strength, and skills of the Unconventional Warrior.

Mykel as Host, Producer, Designer, and Judge on two TV shows about Special Ops Competitions:

ONE MAN ARMY, as seen on Discovery
ELITE TACTICAL UNIT, as seen on Outdoor

We'll be doing it as a family with another married couple, Brian and Michelle Jones. Brian is a retired Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Ranger, and former member of Delta Force, and Michelle is a former Transportation Officer with two combat tours in Iraq.

We break ground this month at their amazing facilities in FLORIDA where many military Special Ops, Other Government Agencies, SWAT, and others train already.

An EXAMPLE of the location facilities

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For now, we wish you and yourn, all the best from me and mine!
Happy Survivalin' &Never Quit!
Peace & Prosperity
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Friday, February 2, 2018

Hawke at the SHOT Show

I don't often write things on my blog--perhaps I will begin again...If folks would like, then lemme' know by writing me some way.

As the "inter-web,"said jokingly, grows and changes so swiftly, I've watched it morph from a barely used entity to the most powerful entity on the planet.

That said, we also adapt to our changing environment and in doing so we seek to find the better ways to help make folks lives better.

To that end, I'm sharing this impromptu interview with my good friend and amazing human being, T.J. KIRGIN of TACTICAL SH*T an all-American former cop turned business man, with a style of blunt irreverence that appeals to my nature.

In the interview, I share a bit of news on events, past, present, and future. And while the past is harsh and ugly, it is true and part of our journey.

However, as a result, we have gone in new directions, doing ever better and greater things. So we are thankful for the bad in our lives, that makes us not only appreciate the good, but makes us seek to find the message in the dark times that helps us turn it back into light and overcome and prevail.