Friday, February 2, 2018

Hawke at the SHOT Show

I don't often write things on my blog--perhaps I will begin again...If folks would like, then lemme' know by writing me some way.

As the "inter-web,"said jokingly, grows and changes so swiftly, I've watched it morph from a barely used entity to the most powerful entity on the planet.

That said, we also adapt to our changing environment and in doing so we seek to find the better ways to help make folks lives better.

To that end, I'm sharing this impromptu interview with my good friend and amazing human being, T.J. KIRGIN of TACTICAL SH*T an all-American former cop turned business man, with a style of blunt irreverence that appeals to my nature.

In the interview, I share a bit of news on events, past, present, and future. And while the past is harsh and ugly, it is true and part of our journey.

However, as a result, we have gone in new directions, doing ever better and greater things. So we are thankful for the bad in our lives, that makes us not only appreciate the good, but makes us seek to find the message in the dark times that helps us turn it back into light and overcome and prevail.

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