Friday, July 27, 2012

A Message for Ruth

I just wanted to ask you if you'd pass a message on to Ruth for me. She's my hero. So many survival shows are all men, and I know from watching every episode of MWW that it took a lot of courage and tenacity for her to do the show. It was such a joy to watch her grow stronger and more self-confident in every episode (I'm sure you saw it also). She's so intelligent AND a total knock-out, which just made her the absolute perfect ambassador for our gender. I know many women, myself included, are so proud of her and grateful to her for proving that women can be sexy and strong and smart all at the same time. I loved that she was always wearing some pretty little delicate earrings while trudging through some of the harshest conditions - she's amazing. An ideal role model for women and girls of all ages. She should know that, if she doesn't already.

Thanks, Lynsee

NOTE: For the record, every episode she wore ear rings specifically chosen to double as emergency fish hooks, haha!


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  2. One of my favorite things is to see Ruth eat a bite of animal protein that she never would have thought to try before (python, armadillo, whatever) and then say, "That is SO GOOD!"

  3. Well said Lynsee! I was also wondering why she wore such awesome earings. Now I know!