Saturday, August 11, 2012

From a Mother and Daughter

My name is Sara and my daughter Kaia and I are HUGE fans of your show. Watching the show together has now become our little tradition. Man Woman Wild has made quite the impression on her and I wanted to share it with you.

After watching you and Ruth find food like frogs legs, fresh water mussels, different plants, bugs and so on, Kaia has decided that if you can do it, she can too. She tried mussels for the first time last week! She's even tried more vegetables. She asks us "Does Man Woman Wild eat this?" when trying something new and we always say "They sure would, try it baby," and she does it!

Kaia's also become very interested in camping. While out camping she lets us know that first we should find water and get a fire going. We like to do a lot of beach camping and on a walk she started picking up small bits of wood from the beach. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was collecting kindling!

I just wanted to thank you guys. The Show was amazing! We hope to see you guys on TV again soon. Until then, we'll be watching our Man Woman Wild dvds and trying more "interesting" foods here in the household.

Best Wishes, Sara and Kaia

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  1. That is good That you guy's are becoming a POSITIVE Role Models To young Girl!!!! At least I hope she will not grow up to be a COUCH POTATO!! All i can say is that my sister has bought me your Survival Guide Book! 1st time i have soon you my self was when u Tried to train them two Rich Girl, do no there name's Not important. Thank you!!!!