Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Note from the Amazon

I wanted to personally thank you for a tip I picked up from you on your former program "Man Woman Wild." I served in the Army for five years and have worked as an anthropologist among indigenous peoples here in the Amazon for nearly a decade. While I am fairly well-trained on survival in a jungle environment, I had always been plagued by horrible blisters that left my feet looking like a couple pounds of raw hamburger after going to the field. Your tip of not wearing socks and applying medical adhesive tape to hot spots on the foot where blisters are likely to form really worked miracles. I came back from a field project yesterday with my feet looking none the worse for wear. Outstanding suggestion!

Thanks again from your friend in the Amazon,

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  1. Ultra marathon runners often pack duct tape in their drop bags for blisters. Since blisters make any trek/hike/run miserable, I'd probably try anything to avoid or manage them.