Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seven Year-Old Fisherman

A nice story from a father with an ambitious and survival-savvy son:

My 7 year-old son loved the all of the MAN WOMAN WILD shows and kept asking me to play them over and over on Netflix. One day he was out playing in the woods behind our home and made a fishing pole out of sticks and his shoelace. This wasn't any old fishing pole because it also had a bobber and a pointed hook, all made from sticks. I was amazed but a little aggravated that he used up his shoelace, but after he said "Dad, I learned it from Mykel!" I knew exactly what he meant and had to chuckle. He is so in awe of the things you both did. I truly appreciate the love and patience that you showed to each other. I also learned a lot about my own significant other and how to teach AND learn from each other. Thank you! 

PS...I am now following LOST SURVIVORS!

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