Monday, December 9, 2013

Lost Survivors, Episode 5: Moonshine Country


Icekon Peregrine with KLOAK camo pattern
Army issue Boonie hat, rolled up
Columbia jacket
Army crevat scarf
Armani t-shirt
Banana Republic linen shirt
(NOTE: Special Forces Unit Regiment Patch worn as an authorized Combat Shoulder Sleeve Insignia on the right side, dress greens non-subdued version, and on the left, an American Flag with SEPTEMBER 11 2001 written under it. The Flag was worn to pay tribute to those whom died in that attack on our country and the first responders on the ground. And the combat patch was worn to honor those whom answered the call to duty and served their country IN UNIFORM, in combat, in a time of war, for only they are true combat veterans, having earned these patches by military orders as a testimony to their service and sacrifice. Prayers out to all whom contributed and supported our country in her darkest hour.)
Army Nomex flame retardant flight gloves
5.11 rigger’s belt
John Varvatos Star linen cargo pants
5.11 undergarments and socks
OTB jungle boots (now owned by New Balance)


HASP (Hammer, Ax, Shovel, Pick) TactiTool
More info to follow


5.11 Back Pack
100 ft civilian rope
Fire piston with char cloth
Danged bumble bee bank
Pool tablet
Toilet seat cover
550 paracord from OPSGEAR


  1. the answer to the trivia question is: you disarmed the booby trap made from someone who is either a moonshiner or hiding a weed crop. By the way, that must have been very scary for the two of you and I am so glad that you two are safe. Never thought I would see booby traps here in the USA.

  2. On each mission, your clothing selection and layering is really excellent.

  3. I dont know how to do this privately but you did two things for the public. First you made us aware that there are booby traps and snakes along trails to protect illegal activities. Awareness is a big deal. Second you disarmed one of the traps so no one else would be affected by that shotgun shell. Thanks.

  4. I really like seeing dead reckoning demonstrated. It was a lot clearer than reading it from a book. It is always nice to see a married couple on TV that is in love as well!

  5. You pointed out dangerous booby traps set by illegal moonshiners, pot growers or people protecting ginseng and then you set off one of the traps so that no hikers could be injured or killed, you and Ruth did a great job, I know that had to be scary as hell going down over those cliffs! Stay safe and stay blessed!

  6. You both pointed out some man made dangers and natural. Cliffs, thorny trees, and rattle snakes. Boobie traps set for concealment of moonshine, marijuana, and ginseng. Ruth was actually the one who spotted the live shotgun shell, and Mykel disarmed it.