Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lost Survivors, Episode 4: Land of Fire and Ice


Knife - Peregrine, special ICEKON coating
Ganka Skull and Cross Bones Aviator hat
Armani scarf
Voi jeans jacket
UK Police vest
NOTE:  Hawke wore his COMBAT INFANTRY BADGE or (C.I.B.) in this episode as a way of honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in IRAQ and Afghanistan. The CIB is only given to Infantry and Special Forces who have engaged in ground combat, in theater (in country) only when the war is officially declared a COMBAT ZONE by the US GOVERNMENT and Department of Defense. Then orders are issued, and it is awarded as a permanent badge and recorded on ALL Military Discharges. There are no records that are so classified that the CIB can not be awarded openly for public record. These are not given to contractors, or other government agencies. Therefore the CIB is a coveted award worn with pride by all SPECIAL FORCES whom fought as a way to honor our brethren who are no longer with us.  Mykel also wore his Jumpmaster badge for fun and pride, as it says the wearer has a good deal of experience in overall military operations to have passed the school and jumped enough to earn it.
MTM watch
Banana Republic shirt
Lucky Brand pants & belt
5.11 t-shirt, socks and drawers
VooDoo tactical boots


Knife - Harrier with patented fold out hand guard


North Face backpack
Pink 550 paracord
Iceland spar
Morphalite flashlight
Blizzard space blanket

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