Sunday, December 18, 2016

Shared survival story, Ruth's inspiration

I wrote a note to you and Ruth on the feed but got embarrassed & deleted it and it's bugging me that you didn't see my "thank you". I had never been so scared as I was while I looked for my daughter in the woods, and all of the technology that I thought would make all the difference in situations like this were just about useless; gps only showed me two dots in the canopy, then my phone died just as 911 picked up. I pretended that Ruth was next to me and that you were giving me instructions about how to think it through. I really don't have the right words to let you both know how much it helped to have watched MWW & be able to call upon the guidance that you guys gave. My girl has a broken ankle, but it could've been so much worse, and my husband & I are grateful that she learns these lessons while she's still close to home & under our wings. Thank you and please thank Ruth for helping to bring my girl home safely.

Thanks to Kendra for sharing this story and giving us permission to share with Y'all. Peace

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