Thursday, December 29, 2011

Season 2, Episode 9: Bear's Kitchen


Mykel: Army wool hat, rigger belt, Nomex flight gloves; M & S scarf, 762 Long t-shirt, Buckle sweater and pea coat, American Eagle hoodie, HH Rubber rain suit coat top and bottom, Armani pants, Banana Republic socks, Boggs boots.

Ruth: Northern Lights hat, North Face shell and undergarments, Fleece Mountain Hardwear hoodie, Arterix coat, Pantagonia thermals, REI pants, Glacier gloves, Boggs boots, Victoria's Secret bra.

OTHER: (Mykel) Black Diamond ice pick and crampon spikes, Army canteen cup and cover, Army poncho, Army 550 paracord, magnesium bar, Eddie Bauer backpack, Sniper Bladeworks orange and glow in the dark safety handle knife; (Ruth) Sniper Bladeworks Pink Tiger striped folding blade knife.