Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lost Survivors, Episode 6: Prison Island


Quartermaster THOMAS MAGNUM Knife QTR-7
NOTE: I have worked with Quartermaster Knives for 2 years and been so impressed with their quality, ingenuity and character that Ruth and I will work with them as our manufacturer for our designs on our NEW ALL AMERICAN, LIMITED EDITION KNIVES coming in 2014
NOTE: This hat does 16 different survival things in 8 different categories of survival so that there is a primary and alternate for each area.  These can be custom made on the high end or we will have standard, very affordable hats out by Spring 2014.
•    Hat worn with 2 ranks, both earned by Mykel while in the service:
•    Sergeant First Class, SFC/E-7 rank, or Senior Enlisted, acting Team Sergeant
•    Captain, CPT/O-3E rank (‘E’ means over 4 years active duty enlisted time), and Captain Rank is that of
Special Forces Team Commander.
Calvin Klein shirt
Banana Republic t-shirt
5.11 belt, gloves, socks, undergarment
Urban camo pants by GOLDEN DENIM, SILENCE is GOLDEN
VooDoo tactical boots 


Quartermaster folding knife QTR-6tt
(As Ruth England prototype for her all new, women’s survival knife)
Makeup kit with mirror
More to follow on Ruth kit after holidays, family time for now, thanks!


WWII Vintage Army Officer side satchel
First aid kit, iodine drops, adhesive bandages, suture kit
Chem light
D battery

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lost Survivors, Episode 5: Moonshine Country


Icekon Peregrine with KLOAK camo pattern
Army issue Boonie hat, rolled up
Columbia jacket
Army crevat scarf
Armani t-shirt
Banana Republic linen shirt
(NOTE: Special Forces Unit Regiment Patch worn as an authorized Combat Shoulder Sleeve Insignia on the right side, dress greens non-subdued version, and on the left, an American Flag with SEPTEMBER 11 2001 written under it. The Flag was worn to pay tribute to those whom died in that attack on our country and the first responders on the ground. And the combat patch was worn to honor those whom answered the call to duty and served their country IN UNIFORM, in combat, in a time of war, for only they are true combat veterans, having earned these patches by military orders as a testimony to their service and sacrifice. Prayers out to all whom contributed and supported our country in her darkest hour.)
Army Nomex flame retardant flight gloves
5.11 rigger’s belt
John Varvatos Star linen cargo pants
5.11 undergarments and socks
OTB jungle boots (now owned by New Balance)


HASP (Hammer, Ax, Shovel, Pick) TactiTool
More info to follow


5.11 Back Pack
100 ft civilian rope
Fire piston with char cloth
Danged bumble bee bank
Pool tablet
Toilet seat cover
550 paracord from OPSGEAR

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lost Survivors, Episode 4: Land of Fire and Ice


Knife - Peregrine, special ICEKON coating
Ganka Skull and Cross Bones Aviator hat
Armani scarf
Voi jeans jacket
UK Police vest
NOTE:  Hawke wore his COMBAT INFANTRY BADGE or (C.I.B.) in this episode as a way of honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in IRAQ and Afghanistan. The CIB is only given to Infantry and Special Forces who have engaged in ground combat, in theater (in country) only when the war is officially declared a COMBAT ZONE by the US GOVERNMENT and Department of Defense. Then orders are issued, and it is awarded as a permanent badge and recorded on ALL Military Discharges. There are no records that are so classified that the CIB can not be awarded openly for public record. These are not given to contractors, or other government agencies. Therefore the CIB is a coveted award worn with pride by all SPECIAL FORCES whom fought as a way to honor our brethren who are no longer with us.  Mykel also wore his Jumpmaster badge for fun and pride, as it says the wearer has a good deal of experience in overall military operations to have passed the school and jumped enough to earn it.
MTM watch
Banana Republic shirt
Lucky Brand pants & belt
5.11 t-shirt, socks and drawers
VooDoo tactical boots


Knife - Harrier with patented fold out hand guard


North Face backpack
Pink 550 paracord
Iceland spar
Morphalite flashlight
Blizzard space blanket

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seven Year-Old Fisherman

A nice story from a father with an ambitious and survival-savvy son:

My 7 year-old son loved the all of the MAN WOMAN WILD shows and kept asking me to play them over and over on Netflix. One day he was out playing in the woods behind our home and made a fishing pole out of sticks and his shoelace. This wasn't any old fishing pole because it also had a bobber and a pointed hook, all made from sticks. I was amazed but a little aggravated that he used up his shoelace, but after he said "Dad, I learned it from Mykel!" I knew exactly what he meant and had to chuckle. He is so in awe of the things you both did. I truly appreciate the love and patience that you showed to each other. I also learned a lot about my own significant other and how to teach AND learn from each other. Thank you! 

PS...I am now following LOST SURVIVORS!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lost Survivors, Episode 3: Blood in the Water


Hawke Hat
Calvin Klein camo rain jacket
Ralph Lauren shirt
Banana Republic t-shirt
5.11 belt and gloves
Super Dry pants
Armani socks/drawers
Timberland boots
Hawke Peregrine fixed blade knife
MTM Special Ops watch


Special Forces Association Hat, Chapter XXX (Ch.30)
Hawke Harrier golding knife with fold out hand guards
NOTE: Ruth's apparel/gear to be posted soon


Katadyn hand pump desalinator
Hampton nautical scope
Salmon dry bag
survival match, aspirin case

Lost Survivors, Episode 2: Bungle in the Jungle


Armani jeans
Levis shirt
Tru-spec gloves
Propper boots
Oakley belt
CK socks


Ruth knife
NOTE:  Ruth's apparel/gear to be posted soon.


Standard table clothes
GP 550 paracord
Unknown  can and jar
Mag bar
Steripen UV light
Eddie Bauer bag

Lost Survivors, Episode 1: Swamp Creatures

Since so many have requested more information on our gear and apparel, we will be posting lists after each episode.  Here is the first episode's list...


Yarborough knife, issued with serial number as 2nd class to graduate the Special Forces Officer Course after 9/11 and Hawke carried to war
T-shirt made by Earnest Diaz, specially designed by Hawke
Wrangler camo pants
Levis army jacket
Voodoo tactical boots
Armani belt, underwear, and socks
5.11 gloves


Hawke Brand neck knife
NOTE: Ruth's apparel/gear to be posted soon.


 Pink ball gown, unknown
Toilet bleach
I wore my Casio Pathfinder Titanium watch in this one
We had a North Face backpack
We always get our passports, only $100 cash US (to not tip where we are) and limited credit card

Thursday, October 31, 2013

From a Grateful Mom

Mykel, we met some time back and you sent my daughter, who was ill, a pic of you and Ruth from Man Woman Wild.  I just wanted to let you know that she has gone to the heavens now, and you made her very happy.  I will truly be your biggest fan forever, no matter how old I get, for making my little girl happy for a few years.

 "Mom, on behalf of us both, we were so sorry to hear--thank you for sharing with us.  We send you lots of big prayers and all the best.  Our thoughts are with you."

The Hawkes

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Young Survivors

An especially poignant note about a near-death experience and recovery of some young fans:

I just wanted to drop you a line to give you and Ruth a big thank you.  From July 29, 2012 to September 14, 2012, your MAN WOMAN WILD show kept me company during the vigil at my youngest child's bedside. On July 29, 2012 my son, Jake and my daughter, Sarah were in a near fatal car accident. Jake had his entire left side busted up and broken, and Sarah had a diffuse anoxal brain injury (she was in a coma for 22 days). Your show always gave me something to talk about to her; when she woke up and wanted to watch Netflix she picked MAN WOMAN WILD every time.

Jake was just starting bull riding when he got in the accident; he has fully recovered and is bull riding again. He's been accepted to Bozeman MSU and will be studying AG business. Sarah went from having her entire left side paralyzed and having to learn to walk again; she's a sophomore this year and is in the speech and drama club. They told us she would be a vegetable, but she has fully recovered with only short term memory issues she calls brain fluffs. She has a gray sense of humor; she says she has the memory of a gold fish, attention span of a knot, and the bladder of a squirrel.

Thanks so much for doing what you do. You and Ruth are A number 1 in my book.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Young Fan as Hellion Enthusiast

Got this note from the mother of a new owner of a Hellion Elite knife...

My son, Nicholas, is an avid outdoorsman (as much as an 8 year-old can be) plus he is a knife collector. When he colors or draws he adds knives and hopes to design his own someday. He also has multiple 'survival kits' and tries to learn as much as possible about being prepared. The knife you designed for Tops became a goal for him. Nic could not focus on anything else until he had the money to buy a Hawke Hellion Elite! To top off his exciment, he received an authentic boonie hat (worn by his granddad in Vietnam) he can look like Mykel Hawke! (especially having THE knife).

Anyway, thank you for your time!
Sincerely, April

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Young Fan Appreciation

Sharing a nice note from the mother of some young fans:

Just a thank you to you and your wonderful wife.

My 8 year old son has taken to your old show. You both are amazing role models for him. The respect and affection you have for one another is really touching to me. He watches your old show all the time now and it's probably one of the only shows on T.V. I don't mind him watching. He's even trying to get my 5 year old son into it.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you both for your demeanor, your information and your tasteful shows. In this day and age, decent shows are hard to come by. Especially for boys.

Thanks again!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Inspired to Make a Life Change

Sharing a note from a fan who was inspired to make a powerful and positive change in his life...

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. While it may sound trite and I'm sure you hear it often, you really have helped inspire me to be a better me. You see, I was massively overweight and shaking hands with the end until recently. My minions got into survival shows, Man vs.Wild at first and then Man Woman Wild. We all enjoyed your show because my girls enjoyed being able to relate to someone they watched doing what interested them (Ruth is the only female we have seen in this arena). So, I pulled my head out of my butt and started trying to be a better dad and get back to the soldier I once was. While many factors were involved, I find you and Ruth very inspiring and it helps drive me to be that better dad. Now, 4 1/2 months later I am down 115 lbs and planning some hiking and camping with my girls who are all practicing their fire and land nav skills! Not bad for 6,8, and 13.  I still have a way to go, but when I'm on a hill doing my walks or hitting that last set of reps, "Captain Hawke" very often inspires me to find that reserve I need. So, no matter what anyone may say trying to rain on your success, just remember that somewhere out there is someone who sees you, and Ruth, as an example not only for himself but for his children. Thanks again Cap. Stay Frosty. Hoo-ah!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

More Young Fans


I just wanted to shoot you a message and tell you how much my kids enjoy Man Woman Wild. They are 6 year old twins Connor and Cara, and my 9 year old Owen. Since having Netflix we have been exposed to a lot of great programming, including your show with your wife. I never caught it during it's original run and have to say that it's a great concept. My daughter especially loves Ruth. Considering the dangers you faced on the show, it was refreshing to have a female role model for her on a show like that. It has sincerely helped with their interest in the outdoors and at least start being mindful of preparedness and their surroundings. It's funny when you ask your kids what they would like to watch during TV time and they request a reality based survival show! They will literally chant for it! MAN WOMAN WILD!!! They have sat through each season at least 3 times over the last few months. We eagerly await your next projects!

Thank you for your service!



Saturday, July 27, 2013

Young Fans From California

Hello Mr Hawke,

I'm writing from southern California and wish to tell you what HUGE fans of Ruth and yourself my children and I are. I make no exaggeration when I say my children can literally recite every episode of Man Woman Wild. They are also looking forward to attempting some more survival techniques. I have helped them light fires with pine sap and they have eaten the "fruit kabobs." On more than one occasion my son has commented how "cool" it would be to meet your family. Since we live so far apart I'm sure this is impossible since I doubt you will be doing any appearances near us any time soon. I was trying to learn if you and Ruth would be doing any more shows and I found your Facebook page. I only wanted to tell you how much my children love your adventures.

Bless your family and have a good day. Lena Mother to Ariana Serenity Nathan and Lenora.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thank You from a Family

I wanted to take a moment and thank you, sir, for your valor and service for this great country. I admit to a "slight" addiction to survivalist shows and post-apocalyptic movies and books. It's an addiction my hubby thankfully shares . We recently discovered your Man Woman Wild on Netflix and LOVED IT. Not only was it informative and entertaining, but hilarious as well. How you survived all that time without a major melt-down from your wife is amazing. The two of you inspired my husband and I to continue to learn and to teach our beautiful children about safety in the great outdoors. Which is another reason I adored your show .... my kids 8,6,4, and 2, also enjoyed watching it (there were a lot of groans from my girls and thrilled shrieks from my boy.) My son Hunter, 8, is looking forward to the year he can head into the great outdoors with my hubby and bring home some venison. Your Hawke knives are already on his Xmas list (we've explained he's way too young; he is unamused.) Thanks again from my family to you, for your military service and your continued service in survival training and veteran affairs. Gods bless!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Putting Survival Into Practice

Got this nice note from a fan:

I wanted to drop you a line, and tell you how thankful I am for the show that you did with your wife. My family and I have been putting what you and your wife have taught into practice, and have had a wonderful time. I am doing this with my son because I feel that there are so few role models for boys these days. And coming across your show was a breath of fresh air. It is a dream of mine to learn first hand from a survival expert like yourself.

Thanks again to you and your wife for the show!

Kevin & Zack (My 7yr Old Son)