Saturday, July 27, 2013

Young Fans From California

Hello Mr Hawke,

I'm writing from southern California and wish to tell you what HUGE fans of Ruth and yourself my children and I are. I make no exaggeration when I say my children can literally recite every episode of Man Woman Wild. They are also looking forward to attempting some more survival techniques. I have helped them light fires with pine sap and they have eaten the "fruit kabobs." On more than one occasion my son has commented how "cool" it would be to meet your family. Since we live so far apart I'm sure this is impossible since I doubt you will be doing any appearances near us any time soon. I was trying to learn if you and Ruth would be doing any more shows and I found your Facebook page. I only wanted to tell you how much my children love your adventures.

Bless your family and have a good day. Lena Mother to Ariana Serenity Nathan and Lenora.