Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you to Fans and Discovery Channel!

We want to thank everyone for their support, you all have been wonderful and have brought us back for another round- THANK YOU, FANS!

We want to say a special thanks to Discovery Channel, too for the wonderful opportunity and for being a great bunch of folks!

We look forward not so much to the hard core misery fest that making these shows can be, but to getting the chance to share and learn more with you all!

All the best for now, see you in the summer and happy holidays!
The Hawke Family send

Friday, September 24, 2010

MWW: Dominica Episode

NOTE: PLEASE READ MYKEL'S "THANK YOU" TO SUPPORTERS AND "NOTE TO EXPERTS" AT THE BOTTOM (First Post)and begin there to see comments that address queries for each episode in the series, with new information to be added after each show airs. Thanks and happy survivalin'!


Mykel: U.S. Army issue hat, gloves, belt, scarf; OTB boots, Armani shirt & pants, Hugo Boss socks, Banana Republic T-shirt, Hardwear rain jacket, Arnette sunglasses, no other items.
Ruth: Fatface hat, U.S. Army Nomex Aviator gloves, jungle boots, Gortex jacket, Lucky Brand shirt, Columbia pants, designer undergarments, Oakley sunglasses, Baby G-shock watch,(Camera bag with camera, spare batteries, tapes, lens cleaner, water proof bag).


Mykel: Spartan Blades Harsey Knife
Ruth: Spartan Blades Horkos Knife

Monday, September 20, 2010

MWW: Tennessee Episode


Mykel: Peter Wirth shirt, Banana Republic T-shirt, Calvin Klein underwear, Armani socks, British swat pants, US Army belt, gloves, scarf, OTB boots, Hardwear jacket, CK sweater, Fat Face hat.
Ruth: Designer undergarments, Craighopper shirt, Express designer pants, US Army jungle boots, gloves, scarf.


Mykel: SOG Knife
Ruth: SOG Knife

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MWW: Alaska Episode


Mykel: Arcteryx shell top and bottom, REI shirt, Hardwear pants and fleece, Columbia undergarments, Hardwear gloves, Smartwool hat, glove inserts and socks, Northface boots, Columbia belt, gators and suspenders, Arnette sunglasses and Croakie tie-ons.
Ruth: Arcteryx shell top and REI bottoms, Northface fleece, Smartwool pure silk undergarments, Northface gloves, H & H hat, glove inserts and socks, Northface boots, Columbia belt and OR gators, Oakley sunglasses.


Mykel: Ontario Machete
Ruth: Tops Battle Cry

Saturday, September 4, 2010

MWW: Aitutaki Episode


Mykel: Army hat, scarf, t-shirt, gloves, belt; FCUK shirt, Armani shorts, Boss socks and pants, OTB boots, Hardwear coat, Arnette sunglasses.
Ruth: Designer undergarments, Oakley hat, Colombia shirt and pants, Land's End water shoes, Army gloves, Quicksilver belt, Northface jacket, Oakley sunglasses.


Mykel: Standard local machete
Ruth: Buck knife

Saturday, August 28, 2010

MWW Utah Episode


Mykel: Army issue desert Boonie cap, Desert Storm vintage coat, Army crevat, Superdry WWII vintage shirt, Banana Republic t-shirt, Hugo Boss underwear, Armani socks, FCUK pants, Army boots, Hardwear fleece and coat, Army Aviator Nomex gloves, Arnettes sunglasses.
Ruth: Fat Face hat, Army Desert Storm vintage coat, Mountain Gear fleece, Craighopper shirt, Gap pants, designer undergarments, U.S. Army issue jungle boots, Army Aviator Nomex gloves, Army Rigger's belt, Oakleys sunglasses.


Mykel: Ferhman Fierce knives
Ruth: Tops Desert Hawke

Saturday, August 21, 2010

MWW: Mexico Episode


Mykel: Army issued hat, gloves, scarf, belt, boots; Armani shirt & pants, Calvin Klein T-shirt, underpants, and socks; North Face jacket & fleece.
Ruth: Northface hat, Craighopper shirt, designer t-shirt and undergarments, US Cav belt, Express pants, Northface boots, Mountain Gear fleece, Mykel's Army Desert Stirm jacket.


Mykel: Hellion Survival Knife
Ruth: Hawke's Hellion Survivor 2020 Knife

NOTES not mentioned on the show's final edits:
* FIRE was started with Yucca/Sotol
* Sleeping bag provided to Ruth after emergency was given up by the S.F. Medic, Rick the Viking, who went without.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

MWW: Tasmania Episode


Mykel: FCUK shirt, Banana Republic t-shirt, G-Star RAW pants, jungle Boots, Hugo Boss underwear, Armani socks, Mountain Hardwear rain coat, Calvin Klein sweater, military Nomex gloves, military cravat scarf, military rescue/rigger's belt.
Ruth: Mountain Equipement fleece, North Face baker jacket, designer undergarments, jungle boots.


Mykel: Cold Steel San Mai III Gurkha Kukri
Ruth: Ontario Commando Knife

Saturday, July 31, 2010

MWW: Bayou Episode


Mykel: G-Star Raw pants, FCUK shirt, Banana Republic t-shirt, Army jungle boots, Armani socks, Calvin Klein underwear
Ruth: Craighopper shirt, Gap pants, designer undergarments, jungle boots


Mykel: SOG Jungle Primitive Machete
Ruth: SOG Knife

Saturday, July 24, 2010

MWW: Botswana Episode


Mykel: Armani shirt and pants with army issued boots, hat, belt, t-shirt, gloves, and scarf, with hugo boss socks and underwear and mountain hardwear fleece and rain jacket
Ruth: Army jungle boots, designer under garments, etc, fat face
hat, north face shirt, crag hoppers shirt, Gap pants, mountain equipment fleece and rain jacket


Mykel: Cold Steel Kukri, different from the "Magnum" version
in the Amazon
Ruth: Cold Steel OSS, earlier subdued version with double edge

MWW: Amazon Episode

Since so many of you have asked about the knives and clothing used in the episodes, I will be posting those details after each new episode airs. Due to the huge volume of e-mail, unfortunately it's just not possible to respond to each individually, so hopefully this will be a way to pass along that information to those who want to know.


Mykel: SUPER DRY brand WWII Vintage re-make of Japanese Imperial Army
Jungle Warfare shirt
Ruth: Lucky nrand Elite shirt, Wrangler pants

Reason: These were used because they were thick enough not to tear into shreds by all the sharp thorns as we went through thick brush. They were a bit hotter, but as they were loose fitting, they retained the sweat and as such,actually kept us cooler, since we dropped the t-shirts so no wetness remained against our skin. They are 100% cotton as we both prefer natural fibers like silk, cotton and wool.


Mykel: Cold Steel Kukri
Ruth: Cold Steel SRK

Reason: We had to use different knives on each episode, so, these were our choices for this show.


Thanks to everyone for watching the shows and all the wonderful feedback and support!

For the fans that have been writing in, I hope you will understand that I simply don't have time to respond directly to everyone like I used to.

I will do my best to answer many queries in the FAQ forum on the website, since so many folks want to know about the same type of things, such as the knives and clothes used. Makes sense since that's all we have to survive with, haha! (Notice we never used a canteen or cup or spoon, etc. Try to go one day in your life without any vessel to hold water, then try to do a lot of hard work without one. In some ways, this was our biggest challenge.)

Happy survivalin'!

The Hawkes send