Saturday, August 14, 2010

MWW: Tasmania Episode


Mykel: FCUK shirt, Banana Republic t-shirt, G-Star RAW pants, jungle Boots, Hugo Boss underwear, Armani socks, Mountain Hardwear rain coat, Calvin Klein sweater, military Nomex gloves, military cravat scarf, military rescue/rigger's belt.
Ruth: Mountain Equipement fleece, North Face baker jacket, designer undergarments, jungle boots.


Mykel: Cold Steel San Mai III Gurkha Kukri
Ruth: Ontario Commando Knife


  1. San Mai III® Gurkha Kukri 649.00 from their site. UGH! I'll stick with their less expensive knives!
    I do see it on other sites for about half that though.
    For my hiking/camping outings I usually carry my SOG Seal 2000, Swiss army knife, Benchmade auto, and my 10mm for black bears/mountain lions/2 legged vermin

  2. What was the Fleece jacket? I can't seem to find it on the Mountain Equipment website.
    Thanks and Great Show!