Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Testimonial from a Fan

Sharing these nice words from a fan:

Hi Mykel and Ruth,
I have watched every episode of your show many times over and I love it, but it has also become a training manual of sorts for me. I have made several trips in the outdoors to practice the skills I learned from your show. In one such trip I successfully lit a camp fire with a mag bar and tinder etc.. From the surrounding area in less than five minutes in the snow. I was really proud of myself. I also have your book and the orange compass/mirror/ gadget that I carry with me everywhere when I go hiking etc... (And I always bring a lighter!) Anyway, you really encourage me as my parents are really discouraging. You have become a role model for me that I look back to when I need encouragement. I wanted to say thanks to you and Ruth for everything and I would love to meet you someday and just say hi.
Cheers, Jennifer

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