Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some New Year's Inspiration

We received this note from a female fan and wanted to share:

I just wanted to say that I recently finished watching your series Man Woman Wild, and I really got a lot from it. I'm a 32 year-old woman from Eugene,OR. I'm fairly typical female and probably won't ever find myself in that kind of situation, but your show taught me a lot regardless. I find your survival tips fascinating and I will remember them because they were taught in such an engaging way. But more importantly I find myself using them in a more metaphorical way in how to approach life. I've recently gotten sober and its helped me remember to stay in the moment, access the situation, look at my resources and make a plan that best serves me. Your show also made me remember all our ancestors that have struggled so that we could have such privileged lives today. I also want to say that I would never have watched the show if it was a couple burly guys on it. Having a woman made it more relative and intriguing to me. And I appreciate that Ruth conveys the strength that a real woman has to offer. Thanks to both of you, and Happy New Year!

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