Friday, October 14, 2011

Season 2, Episode 8: Bear Encounter


MYKEL: Goover hat, Army scarf, Wells Lamont gloves, Armani t-shirt and underwear, Hugo Boss socks, American Eagle Outfitter belt, Guess shirt, Levis pants, Palladium boots, BKE coat, Armani vest

RUTH: Patagonia Puffer jacket, Style & Co. hooded jacket, Hobbs pants, M & S t-shirt, Bates boots

Other: Busse knives (both)


  1. What about the lovely pink "flag" that was hung on the pole?

  2. first off, I really like your show, but I have to ask. Why don't you use more clothing made of wool-fabric? Wool is superior to cotton in every way, and I simply cannot understand why americans in particular (or so it seems) never wear wool. I'm from Norway and here we always use wool when hiking or doing any other activity in cold enviroments. Actually, when I was in the military we heard alot of stories about american forces coming to Norway for winter training and ending up freezing their asses off because they wore several layers of cotton clothing instead of wool.