Saturday, October 8, 2011

Season 2, Episode 7: High Desert Thirst


MYKEL: Eddie Bauer hat, EB undershirt, Fossil shirt, EB vest, EB hoodie, Army Desert Storm jacket, Army Nomex Aviator flight gloves, Army boxer, Superdry cargo pants, Army belt, Hugo Boss socks, OTB/New Balance Desert boots

RUTH: Fossil hat, Eddie Bauer vest, EB fleece, Fossil jacket, Lucky brand shirt, Hobbs pants, OTB/New Balance jungle boots, Marks and Spencer undergarments, Nomex gloves, Marks and Spenser socks, REI t-shirt, Ray Ban glasses

OTHER: (Mykel) Academy goggles, HASP - Hawke’s Axe-Shovel-Pick and harness/sheath, Army issue canteen, canteen cup, canteen holder; (Ruth) Hawke Hellion Elite knife,(Smaller, lighter version of Beserker)

MORE INTEL: The Hawke’s Hellion Elite (smaller version of the Beserker Survival knife) was made by: Tops Knives;The Hawke HASP (Hammer, Ax, Shovel, Pick) was made by a joint endeavor with: FOX Knives USA and Sniper Blade Works. Information on the products and order/purchase can be found on their websites.


  1. The Hawke HASP (Hammer, Ax, Shovel, Pick) is designed by me and made by a joint endeavor of FOX Knives USA & Sniper Blade Works.

  2. Is that the same prototype I saw at the Sniper Blade Works booth at the Blade Show in Atlanta? If so, it would be great if there were a video review of its capabilities were posted here. Great episode btw. Bob.

  3. what year was Mykel's vest from? I can't find one like it online...