Monday, September 20, 2010

MWW: Tennessee Episode


Mykel: Peter Wirth shirt, Banana Republic T-shirt, Calvin Klein underwear, Armani socks, British swat pants, US Army belt, gloves, scarf, OTB boots, Hardwear jacket, CK sweater, Fat Face hat.
Ruth: Designer undergarments, Craighopper shirt, Express designer pants, US Army jungle boots, gloves, scarf.


Mykel: SOG Knife
Ruth: SOG Knife


  1. Mykel, why do you always wear gloves? Is it simply for protection, do you have a condition that necessitates it? Just curious.

  2. Because they protect the hands. When gathering fire wood in the dark or grabbing things when busting through the bush, any cuts can become infected quickly and then you're done, so the gloves are like the clothes, simple, common sense protection.

    Thanks for the good question!