Friday, September 24, 2010

MWW: Dominica Episode

NOTE: PLEASE READ MYKEL'S "THANK YOU" TO SUPPORTERS AND "NOTE TO EXPERTS" AT THE BOTTOM (First Post)and begin there to see comments that address queries for each episode in the series, with new information to be added after each show airs. Thanks and happy survivalin'!


Mykel: U.S. Army issue hat, gloves, belt, scarf; OTB boots, Armani shirt & pants, Hugo Boss socks, Banana Republic T-shirt, Hardwear rain jacket, Arnette sunglasses, no other items.
Ruth: Fatface hat, U.S. Army Nomex Aviator gloves, jungle boots, Gortex jacket, Lucky Brand shirt, Columbia pants, designer undergarments, Oakley sunglasses, Baby G-shock watch,(Camera bag with camera, spare batteries, tapes, lens cleaner, water proof bag).


Mykel: Spartan Blades Harsey Knife
Ruth: Spartan Blades Horkos Knife


  1. You & Major Sergeant Wifey are the BEST, Mykel!!! I love how affectonate you guys are & then snippy with each other the next, adorable! So thrilled you guys got picked up for 2nd season, YEAH!!!!

    Last night's fave comment: It's just so 'slippy'... hilarious!!! I love your wife! Her cockney comes out more when you 'irritate' her.... I get a 'squeaky voice' w/my husband when he 'irritates' me!

    This posted as "JAMES" from Google, but it's actually his Wifey; Kimberly Ann Lowe who wrote this comment.

    YOU guys ROCK!!!

  2. Love your show and am so excited for next season!
    I'm glad you posted your equipment, gives me ideas on what to get my hubby so he can be my survivor man! We've really learned a lot of good things from your show and in any emergency situation, we feel like we might be better equipped from your lessons!!! THANK YOU Mykel and Ruth!

  3. I absolutely LOVE Man,Woman,Wild!!! You and Ruth are Awesome together! The Love and affection you both show is also a breath of fresh air! I love to hear Ruth talk!,its so cool! Even when yall bicker its cute, but I want to taste that Coconut crab!,lolll can you buy it? Keep RockiN it on Discovery! Much love to you and Ruth! (Hugs) from Myrtle Beach S.C. Donna Brown ps. Also following you on Twitter! My twitter name is @dmbrown111

  4. Thanks everyone for watching and all the best to you and yours for your support!

  5. I really enjoy the show. Ruth's skills and confidence have developed tremendously over the course of the first season and we're all glad to see the next season commitment.

    I find it to be an interesting mix of equipment used - varying from very high-end to military surplus.

    Hopefully, the seasons will be released with "director's cut" extra footage - it is a shame to truncate so much activity and potential learning points into a single "TV hour."

  6. Hey Mykel, my kid and I really enjoy the show and we're looking forward to catching the TN episode since it's our home state.

    As a fan of quality knives I've noticed Ruth and you change up your tools often. Any reason for that and what are your favorite field knives to date? Thanks.

  7. Your show is the best! Do you recommend the OTB jungle boots?