Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lost Survivors, Episode 1: Swamp Creatures

Since so many have requested more information on our gear and apparel, we will be posting lists after each episode.  Here is the first episode's list...


Yarborough knife, issued with serial number as 2nd class to graduate the Special Forces Officer Course after 9/11 and Hawke carried to war
T-shirt made by Earnest Diaz, specially designed by Hawke
Wrangler camo pants
Levis army jacket
Voodoo tactical boots
Armani belt, underwear, and socks
5.11 gloves


Hawke Brand neck knife
NOTE: Ruth's apparel/gear to be posted soon.


 Pink ball gown, unknown
Toilet bleach
I wore my Casio Pathfinder Titanium watch in this one
We had a North Face backpack
We always get our passports, only $100 cash US (to not tip where we are) and limited credit card

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  1. The Hawke Daddy does it in style! That's one special knife you have there Myke! Again, congrats on a really well done effort!