Sunday, August 4, 2013

More Young Fans


I just wanted to shoot you a message and tell you how much my kids enjoy Man Woman Wild. They are 6 year old twins Connor and Cara, and my 9 year old Owen. Since having Netflix we have been exposed to a lot of great programming, including your show with your wife. I never caught it during it's original run and have to say that it's a great concept. My daughter especially loves Ruth. Considering the dangers you faced on the show, it was refreshing to have a female role model for her on a show like that. It has sincerely helped with their interest in the outdoors and at least start being mindful of preparedness and their surroundings. It's funny when you ask your kids what they would like to watch during TV time and they request a reality based survival show! They will literally chant for it! MAN WOMAN WILD!!! They have sat through each season at least 3 times over the last few months. We eagerly await your next projects!

Thank you for your service!



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