Saturday, September 24, 2011

Season 2, Episode 3: Amazon Jungle Maze


MYKEL: Armani shirt, Eddie Bauer pants, Banana Republic belt, Express Undergarment socks and T-shirt, Under Armour gloves, Stonecreek boots, US Army medical crevat as scarf with map, US Army poncho, US Army jungle medical kit, REI mosquito head net, REI mosquito net, Colombian Indian hammock, hunting, fire-kit, canoe and paddles

RUTH: River Island shirt, Hobbs pants, Marks & Spencer T-shirt and undergarments, Victoria's Secret bra, US Army jungle boots, US Army crevat, Under Armour gloves, North Face camera bag, REI mosquito head net, Baby G-shock Casio watch, New Orleans fleur de lis hat

Amazon Queen owned and operated by Captain Phil, US S.F. (RET.)
S.F. Medic, J. Stanka, Stryker Medical HATeam

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  1. What brand canteen was used in this episode and where can it be purchased? Thank you for your dedication to educating us!