Saturday, July 24, 2010


Thanks to everyone for watching the shows and all the wonderful feedback and support!

For the fans that have been writing in, I hope you will understand that I simply don't have time to respond directly to everyone like I used to.

I will do my best to answer many queries in the FAQ forum on the website, since so many folks want to know about the same type of things, such as the knives and clothes used. Makes sense since that's all we have to survive with, haha! (Notice we never used a canteen or cup or spoon, etc. Try to go one day in your life without any vessel to hold water, then try to do a lot of hard work without one. In some ways, this was our biggest challenge.)

Happy survivalin'!

The Hawkes send


  1. I like all the survival shows...they all have something different to offer. Les did his thing, Bear does his, although I think Bear is more of an adventurer. I sure as hell wouldnt do some of the things he does on his show.
    Dual Survival was an interesting twist on the format, but I will say I like yours the most.
    I like the chemistry between you, and Ruth. Gotta love the British ladies!

  2. I came across your show and loved it! My husband has recently taken up learning how to be prepared for various scenarios and I am joining in. We find all the topics and situations fascinating and especially appreciate all the ways to start a fire. We love the dynamic you and Ruth have on the show (it reminds us of us) and wish you success and many more episodes!